Sharon Fjeldstrom
Address: 355 Rundlelawn Rd NE,
                 Calgary AB  T1Y 3P2

Phone:    (587) 436-5388 (texting)
                (403) 280-6914 (home phone)

  1. Math:
    → Beginners to Grade Nine
  2. Reading:
    → Beginners to Grade Ten
  3. English as a Second Language:
    → Pre-beginner (non-English speaker)
    → Focus on reading fluency
    → Focus on vocabulary
    → Focus on reading comprehension
    → Focus on writing
    → Focus on accent reduction

$30 per hour
5% discount for family or multiple lessons per week

Missed scheduled lessons shall not be made up. The client will not be charged for the first missed lesson. A second missed lesson will be charged 50% of the fee. After two missed lessons without adequate notice*, non refundable prepayment will be required for all remaining lessons.

*Adequate notice is defined as sending a text message to (587) 436-5388 no later than two hours before the scheduled lesson.

Summer Hours
11 AM to 5 PM Monday to Thursday
Evening tutoring may be negotiated if necessary.

  • Students must bring a blank notebook to the lesson. This notebook is the record of the lesson.
  • Sharon will provide supplies such as pencils, erasers and other supplemental supplies.
  • If homework is requested, the student must do the assigned homework. If the homework is not completed, no further homework will be assigned until the homework has been completed.
  • Sharon tutors in her home office. COVID-19 precautions are taken before each lesson. Online tutoring is done via Zoom.